The first to be nicknamed "The Black Jewel" was Al-Arabi Ben Mubarak not Pélé

Al-Arabi Ben Mubarak One of the most famous footballers in the history of Morocco, Africa and Europe, he was considered a first-class star in France and Spain in the 1930s.
The world's sporting memory as a strong, fast and high-tech striker, as well as his talent for scoring goals, has made him famous for many clubs such as Atletico Madrid, Olympique Marseille and the French club.

When a football lover hears the black jewel, the first to come to mind is legendary legend Pele, but in fact there is a player who has already played Brazil's title.
The first to be nicknamed "The Black Jewel" was Al-Arabi Ben Mubarak, a Moroccan footballer in the late 1940s, before Pele starred for Brazil in the 1958 World Cup and later in the 1962 World Cup.
Ben Mubarak was a skillful and talented player and competed with the strongest European clubs for his services in the 1940s and 1950s, and the success of the clubs he defended, notably Marseille and Atletico Madrid. However, the player did not win his share of fame and attention, He did not succeed in engraving his name in gold letters in football records. His appearance and brilliance coincided with the outbreak of World War II.
The birth and birth of the Arab bin Mubarak
Born on 16 June 1917 in the city of Casablanca, he grew up orphaned and his grandmother ensured his upbringing. His childhood lived in a popular neighborhood in a modest economic situation that forced him to enter the labor market early in order to provide his family with strength and strength.
The child's passion for football and the difficult economic situation forced him to leave school early without passing the primary stage, despite his grandmother's keenness to discourage him from his hobby.
The name of Ibn Mubarak began to circulate among the followers of the ball in the popular Moroccan neighborhoods, which was the real school for the players of the time, and contributed to the formation of a team in the neighborhood in which he lived, to reach his reputation through amateur patrols to talent prospectors, joined the team, "Elissam" French "at the time.
From his humble public surroundings, he was transferred to France by his exceptional talent. In 1938 he joined Olympique Marseille, becoming the first Arab player to play in Europe.
Ben Mubarak led Marseille to second place in the Ligue 1 and ended the season with 12 goals, but his career in the French side was suspended after only one season because of the outbreak of World War II in 1939.
He returned to Morocco after the outbreak of the war and spent six seasons with the club and after the end of the war resumed his career in France, but this time with the French club Stade France, and brilliantly with him and scored 50 goals in 90 games, The Black Pearl".
Following his impressive career in the French league, several European clubs competed for the services of Ibn Mubarak, who chose to take the Atletico Madrid shirt and joined it in 1947 for 17 million French francs, a record amount at the time.
The son of Mubarak and Al-Rokhi Blancos won the Spanish league title in successive seasons 1949/1950 and 1951/1952. The Moroccan player's time with Atletico was historic in the Spanish club's records.
At the end of the football season 1953/1952, after becoming the first Arab to win the Spanish league title, and the first Arab to set foot in Spain, and even became a football legend in Atletico Madrid, Ben Mubarak decided to return to Marseille in 1953, 1955 Date of retirement.
At the international level, Ibn Mubarak played 18 matches for France and was unable to represent Morocco because the kingdom was under French protection.
Ibn Mubarak is considered one of the best footballers of Moroccan football. He is ranked by the French Football Federation as the fourth best team to carry the "Duke" shirt after Zinedine Zidane, Cobala and Michel Platini.
Ben Mubarak lived alone at the end of his life after the death of his wife, and he passed away in 1992.

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