Rare relationship .. Chinese young woman endorses a herd of wild wolves! (Video)

A young woman takes care of a flock of wild wolves in a nature reserve in China, where she has been nurtured and fed for a long time, allowing her to come closer to the herd and develop a special language of communication with them.
A video documenting the close friendship that brings young, Zhou Xin Yue, to a flock of wolves, recently spread in Inner Mongolia Province, located in northern China.

Following the video's release, social media pioneers called the bold girl the "queen of the wolves," the nickname used by media outlets as well.
Commenting on the video, the young woman confirmed that her love for wolves began at an early age, when she helped her uncle raise wild animals for many years before moving to work as a wolves' teacher in the nature reserve.

Queen of wolves! This girl in North China's Inner Mongolia raises 36 wolves by herself.

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