Cristiano Ronaldo revealed the atmosphere in the "Kalachio", and challenged Lionel Messi.

The Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport interviewed Cristiano Ronaldo, the striker of Juventus, during which the Portuguese international revealed the atmosphere in the "Kalachio", and challenged the Argentine Lionel Messi.
Ronaldo said that the atmosphere at Juventus better than Real Madrid, adding "modesty controls everyone at Juventus, all the players want to win, Juve more than just a team."

On the possibility of face his former club Real Madrid in the "Altchambionzleg," explained the Portuguese star: "Real is of the past for me, I want to win with Juventus only, I will do my best if the clash with my former team."
As for his Argentine rival Lionel Messi, away from him, since the "flea" defends the colors of Barcelona in Spain, the Madeira missile said: "I played in England, Spain, Italy and Portugal, is still in Spain .. For me life is just challenges , I love this and I like to see the fans happy. I want to see him (Messi) in Italy one day as I did. I hope he will accept the challenge, but if he is happy there I respect it. He is a great player and a good man. I do not miss anything here. "It's my new life and I'm happy."Ronaldo joined Juventus last summer from Real Madrid, and the 34-year-old has a great performance, leading the scorer of the old lady in the Calchio with 10 goals.
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