Why drink coffee despite its bitterness? Study answers

without the bitterness of coffee because we enjoyed the taste of candy .. this argument , many based on the reason for their passion for coffee, and that the presence of the opposite thing , a bitterness in exchange for candy is essential to human things to recognize, but the science another opinion explains why preference for some drinking coffee Time for other drinks.
A recent study by the University of Northwestern, Illinois, found that "genes" in our bodies are responsible for preferring to drink coffee from other drinks, despite their bitterness.
The study said that genetic regulation within the

human body may be a reason for people's susceptibility to bitter taste in some drinks and food, which makes people prefer taste bitter than other foods. 
The study, published in the journal Scientific Reports, was based on a sample of data previously collected around the world. Analyzes showed that human genes, especially those belonging to European individuals, were strongly associated with the way humans perceive and prefer foods. 
Some people are more likely to taste caffeine than others, which makes them prefer bitter coffee to other drinks.
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