The suicide letter of the French poet Charles Baudelaire sold by 234 thousand euros .. What did it contain?

The suicide letter written by French poet Charles Baudelaire (1821-1867) in his youth sold by 230,000 euros during an auction organized by the Osina auction house on Sunday, where he won the competition for possession three times the price that was estimated, Between 60 and 80 thousand euros, and now the ownership of a French antiques collector.
The letter dates back to 1845, when Baudelaire sent her to his mistress Jane Duval to tell her of his decision to commit suicide. "When Miss Jean Lemerre (her real name) delivers this letter, I will be dead, I can live again, my hunger for sleep and fatigue to wake up has become unbearable, "and then said that he gave up all his possessions.
The poet known for his argument, which caused much controversy, Fleurs du mal wrote a letter of suicide at the age of 24, but he lived another 22 years, because the stabbing to himself was not fatal, he wrote him a new age, in which he created many masterpieces of poems I mentioned it to today. 
The auction included other works by Baudelaire, letters received from well-known names such as Victor Hugo and painter Ferdinand Delacroix. The latter were sold to the Delacroix museum for € 7,540, according to a report to the auction house.
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