Spain: The first "Sex Mutant" represents Spain in the Miss Universe contest

Angela Pons, one of the world 's most prolific names, has entered the country as the first "transsexual" to represent Spain in the Miss Universe contest. 
Pons, 26, from Seville won the national competition last Friday, beating 22 other competitors, according to the British Daily Mail.
As part of the national competition award, Ponce will have the opportunity to represent Spain at the prestigious Miss Universe competition in the Philippines later this year.

"Bringing the name and colors of Spain is my big dream," Ponce wrote through her account at Instagram shortly after her victory. 
"My goal is to be an official spokesperson for the message of inclusion, respect and diversity, not only for the LGBT community, but also for the entire world."
Ponce had already represented Cadiz in the Miss Universe World Cup in Spain in 2015, but lost to Miss Barcelona's Meria Lajuna, who won the first prize.
Angela, who is 181 centimeters tall, crowned Miss Universe in Spain at the same time, where gay, bisexual and transgender society celebrated pride. 
The beauty queen will now represent Spain in the Miss Universe contest in 2018 at an undetermined date.
Despite Angela's involvement, Miss World did not accept transgender racers. 
In response, Angela said: "At least I have a regional crown (Cadiz) on my head." 
In 2012, the contest announced that it would allow transgender beauty queens after Canadian actress Gina Talakova sued organizers of the Canadian Miss Universe in order to initially exclude her as a transsexual.
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