Is C4C legal way to earn money? Is safe for earning more using Google AdSense?

The C4C is a process by which two people or more earn money by exchanging ads click on their own website from different places or countries all around the world...
Actually, it is a secret trick to earn money from Ad networks like Adsense. You will get lots of group on facebook for C4C. The names of groups are like, “Adsense Ad Click Exchange, Strict C4C, Honest Adsense Click Exchange, C4C Install Cookies First, C4C United State, Australia, Italy, Canada, UK etc.

Clickers import/install USA or UK user’s cookies on their Firefox browser to get and click high CPC ads like Synopsys, DECISION, IBM, MCAFE, WGU, Milestones etc. They really get very high CPC from $5 to $20 after installing cookies. And they are excited and also worried about their Adsense account. This post is for those peoples actually who don’t know the future of C4C. 
Definitely, C4C is another kind of scam. Your Adsense account can be suspended or permanently disabled anytime for the reason of it. I am describing three important things below that can happen for click exchange.
Is this legal or safe for Adsense Account owner??
Is google support click for click tricks?
Is google don’t care about it? !!!…
No way! Google is smarter than you think,,!!
Read one more: AdSense program policies
If you exchange click regularly with a person after 24 or 48 or 60 or more hours then you will be suspended or permanently ban from Adsense for the invalid activity(repeated click)
If you install cookies or tell your partner to install cookies and then do exchanges to get high CPC then you can be suspended or permanently ban for the invalid traffic.
If you don’t have many organic visitors, and you do C4C then your account can be suspended or permanently ban for the reason of high CTR. Normal page CTR rate is 3% to 5% But I suggest you, try to keep your CTR rate always less than 3%.
So be careful, and try to come back from the click exchange. Think deeply about how did you struggle to get Adsense approval. Your dream can be dismissed just for a simple mistake. It’s easy to understand for people who have a website with Adsense approval. 

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