Huawei will give "painful slap" to Android

Huawei on Friday officially announced the launch of a special operating system that will replace the Android operating system currently used in all smart phones produced by the company. The announcement was made by the vice president of mobile products, Bruce Lee, through a publication on China's famous social networking site Webbo, which explained that new system development is already under way, without giving further details. Earlier reports have indicated Huawei's intention to launch the

name "Kirin" on its operating system, which will only exist on the company's equipment, amid expectations that it will be completed by next summer.
If the new system comes to light, it will be a "painful slap" for Android and Google's development. Some doubt the feasibility of Huawei's step, especially since the task of designing an operating system is not easy, and may need years for the success of the project, especially under the current hegemony by Apple and Google. South Korea's Samsung has also been developing an alternative operating system for Android for years, but has yet to be officially launched.
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