How safe are your favorite websites?

Cybersecurity experts revealed the list of the most secure sites on the Internet, which included Facebook and Google.
Worker authentication is known as 2-step verification, a term that covers a variety of different systems to make account access more difficult than a trusted device. It adds a layer of protection to the service or account before completing the login.Dashlane has studied personal data protection with two-factor authentication to find the best sites to protect its customers.

The different security types are divided into three different categories: SMS and / or e-mail, software-based token, or device token.
One point was given for SMS and / or e-mail and token authentication under the Multi-Factor Authentication security feature, and three points for the use of hardware tokens.
The cybersecurity firm considered any site getting less than a full mark with no three security measures, unsafe.
Emmanuel Shalit, the company's chief executive, said the experts had to delete a large number of common sites from the study because they offered no powerful security features and accessibility.Dashlane looked at 22 popular UK user sites and developed a point system based on the available protection system. These included social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter as well as Google's search giant.
He also noted that the results revealed that only 5 sites do not offer 2-step verification at all, and that 82% of sites do not offer a full range of security options.
Dashlane experts evaluated login options on desktop browsers only, regardless of attempts to sign in on mobile apps, browsers, or desktop applications.
The team examined the security measures that Web sites claimed to be owned by using direct logins on Chrome and Safari browsers.

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