Chechen child "supernatural" forcing authors of the record numbers to calculate his number

Rachim Kureyev, the Russian "rider", officially entered the Russian record book after making pressure movements 3203 times in two and a half hours without stopping.
The 5-year-old boy, whose number was recorded on Wednesday at the television studio in the Chechen capital of Grooney, appeared before the editor of the record book, Stanislaw Konenko, and record-breaking fitness expert Andrei Lubkov, one.

"Rahim carried the pressure movements 3020 times in two hours and 30 minutes, non-stop, and that's a record," said Koninko, the editor of the record book.
"The Schwarzenegger of Chechen" stunned the social networking pioneers with his physical strength, when a video was released and he pressed 4105 times in two hours and 25 minutes without interruption, confirmed by the representatives of the Ministry of Sports in the region, and praised the strength of the little athlete and his endurance that does not Believe it.
The President of the Republic of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov gave a white Mercedes car to the supernatural child and told him during their meeting: "This car was handed over to you by the head of the Akhmat Charity Foundation. Ride with your father. You deserve to ride in a white Mercedes." However, the figure did not count for the absence of representatives of the record book. The Minister of Sports and Physical Education of Chechnya, Moshe Khanyarikov, later told Novosti that the representatives of the Russian record book "have secondary questions", so this number was not recorded Officially.

Rahim, who is carrying out difficult physical movements that the adults can not do, is willing to reach 5,000, but only more than 4,000 times.
Chechen Schwarzenegger grabbed the new world record from his 5-year-old compatriot Batu Puktayev, from the city of Alista, capital of the Russian Republic of Kalmykia, who scored 4,505 times on 27 December 2015.
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