BTC threatens to raise the temperature of the Earth .. How?

New study warned that the creating and trading digital currencies such as "BTC" can lead to increased greenhouse gas emissions enough to increase the earth 's temperature by two degrees Celsius by 2033. 
The study , published in the journal "Nature Climate Ching (change donatory 
"At the moment, transportation, housing and food production are the main cause of climate

change ," said Katie Taladay, co-author of the study conducted by the University of Hawaii. the list. But this study shows that it can be added to the list. "
According to a study published by financial analyst and specialist in serial data technology, "Alex de Fries" in a study published in May that the amount of electricity consumed in the form of decomposition equivalent to the amount of electricity used in Ireland. 
According to de Freese, the process of decomposition could use about half of the world's total electricity consumption by the end of this year.
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