USA: "Killer Kiss" ends the life of an 8-day-old baby

An American mother lost her 8-day-old baby because of a deadly virus, probably passed on to her by a kiss on her cheek, carrying the virus, which led to her death.
The incident prompted mother Abigail Rose, from Maryland, United States, to warn mothers through a Facebook account publication of the May incident.
The mother said her daughter, Aliza Rose, died

only eight days after she was born, after being infected with the herpes virus, which was transmitted to her by an infection transmitted to her by someone who accepted her or touched her directly.
The mother said the virus attacked the spine of her daughter, and accused her lungs and brain, causing her death, according to Fox News reported on Friday.
The herpes virus causes ulcers and blisters in the mouth, eyes and lips, and the condition may worsen to death, because the infant's immune system is often incomplete.
One of the symptoms of this virus is a little fever in the baby and poor nutrition with small blisters, which soon worsen to severe fever, fainting and death.
The mother called for "saving children's lives" by washing their hands before touching them and not kissing them.
The patient needs urgent medical care and an antiviral drug for 21 days.
The Herpes virus spreads through direct contact with an infected person and can be transmitted from a person with pimples on his or her skin, skin or genitals, the New York State Health Department said.
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