UK: For the first time .. Robot presents his testimony to the British Parliament (Video)

Robot presented a testimony in the House of Commons to a parliamentary committee on education, an incident that is the first of its kind in the UK.
The parliamentary committee invited the robot "Pepper", to attend a session to discuss with the group of students and professors of artificial intelligence and its implications for the future.
At first, the robot welcomed the attendees and identified himself, then continued to say that he lives at the University "Middlesex" British. 
"Robots play an important role, but human capabilities are indispensable," he said.
After answering the questions, Pepper listened to the audience until the end, as he listened to every speaker, just as humans do.

Pepper, an 'emotionally and culturally aware' robot appeared before the Common Education Select Committee in the British parliament in London on Tuesday, and explained the way robots may assist in education.
"[Robots] will have an important role to play. But we will always need the soft skills that are unique to humans," Pepper said, adding that "a new way of thinking is needed by tomorrow's workers."
He added that he is also working in a three-year international project called 'Careces' in developing robots able to assist and care for the elderly.
Labour MP Lucy Powell jokingly said to rest of the panel that 'Pepper' is "better than some ministers we've had before."
Manufactured by Japanese electronics giant, SoftBank Robotics, Pepper told the Committee that has been programmed by university students to work with pupils as well as those with special needs to develop their numeracy skills.

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