Trump in the interview beer and harassment: How do not remember what happened the night?

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Rdiculed US President Donald Trump publicly, on Tuesday, the woman who accuses its candidate for membership of the Supreme Court, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, sexually assaulting her, when they were pupils minors 36 years ago, taking the lack of testimony before the Senate to "precision "He said. 

"I've had a bottle of beer," Trump said at a rally in Mississippi, protesting Professor Christine Blazy Ford, who last week told the Senate Justice Committee about the sexual assault she had suffered when she was 15, : "The aggressor was Brett Cavanaugh, was drunk on her day, and was 17 years old." 

"How did you go home?" "How did you go home?" "How do you go home?" I do not remember, how many years ago did it happen, I do not know, I do not know,

I do not know, where is the house located? I do not know, on the first floor or the ground floor, where? I do not know, but I've got a bottle, "Trump said, laughing at the judge's questioning session before the Senate Justice Committee. Beer, that's the only thing I remember. "

Trump expressed regret that the life of a man in a pitiful state, the life of a man destroyed because of the charge.

This is the first time that the American president has attacked the university professor. 

The university researcher told the Justice Commission on Thursday she was 100 percent confident that her sexual assault was Brett Cavanaugh. 

In her testimony, Ford was explicit that she did not give much details about the location and time of the attack, which was taken by Cavanaugh, who built his own defense on the gaps in the memory of the plaintiff, and the inability to determine the places and times in her testimony.

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