This Is What Happens In an Internet Minute in 2018,ie: 42,033,600,000 Facebook logins

The online activities of individuals move at a pace which is beyond fast. With the number of social media platforms and apps increasing on a daily basis, it could be quite impossible to keep track of your inner circle, let alone of the remainder of the world.
In our life, a minute may not seem much but it seems a lot when you look at the stats of what is happening on the internet in a minute.
According to a info graphic from Lori Lewis and Chad Callahan of Cumulus Media, that is what has happened so far in 2018, .
42,033,600,000 Facebook logins
159,840,000,000 Google searches
1,641,600,000,000 WhatsApp messages sent
8,078,400,000,000 emails sent
According to this info graphic, messenger is the next big game. Emerging businesses need to keep a close eye on these stats and tab their target audience for better business growth.
You can also analyze the growth in every social/internet medium according to the comparison done between 2017 and 2018 internet minute usage.
All these are just a glimpse of the entire picture. If you are interested in knowing the amount of YouTube views or Google search that happens in one minute, worry not as now this has been made possible with the infographic below.
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