The ugliest crime in Russia .. cannibalism separates the head and limbs of his victim

The ugliest crime in Russia .. cannibalism separates the head and limbs of his victim
A Russian village has seen a "hideous" crime, a 22-year-old hero and his 12-year-old girlfriend. 
The accused killed another young man with an ax, then ripped his body and accused him of having cooked it, with the help of his girl friend, before the police arrested them.
"A man and a girl are suspected of having committed a terrible crime of killing and cutting a 21-year-old citizen," a police report said. 
The police explained that the strikers separated the head and limbs of the victim from his body, pointing to arrest them while trying to set fire to the apartment.

The boy and the girl "cooked the brains of the owner of the apartment where they lived," the newspaper "Daily Mail" British, in the village of Novinka, near the city of St. Petersburg, western Russia.
She said the victim's head was found in an oven, while the accused and the girl said they "found nothing else to eat."
A shocking video released by the Russian Investigation Commission revealed large amounts of blood on the apartment floor. Parts of the victim's body were covered with white cloth.
The defendant admitted that he had had sexual relations with his girlfriend, who had been absent from her home for days, who was believed to be a victim of lures through the Internet.
According to the newspaper, the parents of the girl reported the loss about 10 days ago, and said in describing them that she looks older than her age.

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