The founder of "Telgram" Pavel Duroff attacks "Facebook" and "WhatsApp!"

The founder of the famous Telegram application for correspondence, Pavel Duroff, has harshly criticized Facebook and WhatsApp.
Durov said he was not comfortable with Facebook and August when he described the overall situation as "unacceptable, when small entrepreneurs sell to big companies (Facebook) and begin to make money regardless of users' interests or the security of their information and data" .
When entrepreneurs sell their projects to big companies they make some money, but they lose more valuable things, such as the ability to improve the lives of hundreds of millions of people using their applications," he said.
Durof said: the businessman and technology pioneer Jean Komm left his post as president of WhatsApp" in Facebook after the man had bumped into Facebook several times over WhatsApp!" management and objected to some of its policies regarding the rights of users of the application.
The founder of Telegram also addressed the problem that Watts recently faced, and the loophole that allowed hackers to access user data.

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