the fiercest giant dinosaurs in the most accurate sketch of imagination

US paleontologists and dinosaur experts have drawn up a vision that it is the most accurate and realistic portrayal of the most powerful dinosaurs on the planet Terrix.
Scientists have been able to arrive at this precise drawing through the development of modern scientific methods and techniques, which allowed scientists to study more deeply the life of dinosaurs in various details.
Scott Hartman and Mark Witten, the researchers, said the study was the first study to devote a great deal of time to research the dinosaur's finest details, from claws and skin to muscles, tendons, and bones.
In a related context, scientists pointed out that the final drawing took more than 320 hours, after many years of research and investigation of the body and members of Terex. 
The Terracotta dinosaur is one of the most powerful creatures on earth, famous for its distinctive height, heavy weight and short arms. It is not unlike the way we saw it in the Hollywood series, Jurassic Park.

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