Study reveals great health benefit for reading! a long life for readers

Researchers at Yale University in the United States have confirmed that people who read books live longer than those who neglect reading.
The scientists came to this conclusion after they obtained the results of a 12-year experience, showed that reading books is an effective way to resist stress and anxiety.
According to new data, books can reduce anxiety by 68% as a soothing tool for the nervous system and its effect is better than outdoor roaming.
In addition to reducing the risk of life-threatening vascular disorders, reading keeps the brain in a "working" state.Reading books protects against a number of diseases that affect the central nervous system. Stress is the cause of 40% of strokes and stroke.
It has been confirmed that older people who read maintain their intellectual abilities longer than their reading peers.
"Reading can extend the lives of people, who read more than half an hour (210 minutes) a week, are 23 per cent less likely to die prematurely," the authors concluded.
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