Pornographic actress reveals her "real" feelings towards Trump

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "pornographic actress reveals her "real" feelings towards Trump"In an interview with Australia's 60 Minutes program, American pornographic actress Stormy Daniels answered a number of questions for the first time about her relationship with US President Donald Trump.
Daniels responded to a question from her host, Liz Hess, whether she hated the man he always described as "false," referring to Trump, saying: "I have conflicting feelings about him." I do not like Trump, nor do I hate him, The Daily Mail newspaper.
The big shock came during the interview, when she asked the actress, whether she was sorry or sorry for Trump because of what was going on with her, and replied: "Yes."
"He is in a situation that is not ready for him, and he is struggling for it. It is a difficult situation for anyone."
Image associée"At the same time, he continues to make bad decisions and continues to treat people like scum," she said.
She pointed to the continuation of the prosecution of the President legally, explaining that she wants to try Trump "like anyone else," as he described.
She reiterated that she had been subjected to indirect threats. She was asked to give up her case and accept the settlement offered to her "for her own good." She insisted on not giving up, noting that her life had become a nightmare from the moment she spoke of the incident to the public.
Daniels Trump attacked her new book, "Full Disclosure," and said the president had shown her the picture of his wife Melania and his son Barron before engaging in intimate relationships in Nevada in 2006.
The actress accused the president of a lack of moral sense because he offered to "cheat" to find a place in one of the episodes of reality television program, according to the newspaper "The Guardian" British.
Trump strongly denies the relationship with Daniels, but admitted to compensating his former lawyer Michael Cohen for the amount paid for the pornographic film under a secret agreement before the US election.

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