Photos: Melania Trump insult this country because of her clothes .. And what is the relationship of Egypt?

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First lady of America, Melania Trump, sparked a controversy over her view of Kenya. 
In detail, Twitter has seen a flurry of criticism from Donald Trump's wife.
The reason for adding the Pith hat to that view during that visit.
According to the magazine "La", the social medias pointed out that this hat inspired by the British soldiers in the 19th century during colonization of the African country. Which was considered an insult to the Kenyan people. 

"It is a reflection of its undeveloped view of African countries" and "the following tripartite Melania: elephants, orphans and the hat of colonialism," said the comments.

"The Pith hat, which you wear, was a sign of colonialism during a dark era in the history of our country," she said.
"What I follow through my initiatives, what the United States is doing at the humanitarian level, is very important," she said in response to the report. 

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Photos: Melania Trump egypt"Melania later moved to Egypt. She was ridiculed by her clothes, which many Twitter users likened to those worn by the late pop king Michael Jackson in Smooth Criminal in 1987. 

A report by the French newspaper Le Parisien said that the first lady of America chose to visit the pyramids a fashion inspired by the English- Christine Scott Thomas in the film 'The English Patient'. 

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