OneCoin still under investigation in Germany, chief prosecutor of Bielefeld Gerald Ryubzam confirms Ruja Ignatova among suspects!!!

Suspicions of: Fraud, money laundering,pyramid sales,financial services and payment service without permission.
[Google translation from the Capital article]:
"In response to the inquiry of “Capital” chief prosecutor of Bielefeld Gerald Ryubzam replied that the investigation continues and it is unclear how long it will take. It’s on suspicion of commercial fraud by an organized group, money laundering, pyramid sales provide financial services without authorization and payment service without permission.

“The investigation is conducted against eight suspects, mainly employees of one of the group companies of OneCoin, registered in Germany,” said Ryubzam, confirming that Ignatova is one of them. “We have no information where the Ruja Ignatova now,” he said, stressing that until the entry into force of conviction presumption of innocence."
Despite all sorts of nonsensical reports coming out of the OneCoin affiliate-base, the German criminal investigation into OneCoin is still very much active.
Despite not being able to produce any evidence, OneCoin affiliates have been running around the internet claiming German prosecutors cleared OneCoin of any charges.
Spearheading this effort is Igor Krnic, who continues to string along gullible investors on his “OneCoin Debate” forum.
In an effort to clarify the current status of the investigation, Bulgaria’s Capital reached out to prosecutors directly.
Not surprisingly, they were informed otherwise.
=====================================SOURCE: Siteweb

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