How did the killers of Muammar Gaddafi know his place? (the mistake of the end).

Libya's last ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Muammar Gaddafi's regime, revealed the details of the "mistake of the end" that led to the appearance of Gaddafi's place and then his death.

Al-Qahat said, "One night, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) monitored a call to Qadhafi with a Syrian channel.

This was the mistake of the end, and when he was in danger, he and 70 of his men came out with Abu Bakr Younis Jaber (Former Libyan defense minister).

"But the French Apache planes spotted them and entered a tunnel equipped with flood water, which was said to be sewage. On the other hand, the planes fired poison gas and rockets. Abu Bakr and some guards died, and Gaddafi was killed by the youth of Misurata. "He said.

"After Misratah youths messed with Gaddafi's body in front of the cameras, they threw him and his son Mutassim into an iron-melting furnace. After a while rumors came that they had thrown them into the sea. After they killed the rest of the guards, they dug them in the desert and dumped them. Now the oil authority is run by Misrati , As well as the head of the Central Bank Misrati.

He added: "Libya's wealth was lost, after they seized 170 tons of gold, as well as lost more than 170 billion dollars in foreign companies, and lost facilities in Senegal and Mali after they sold them cheaply."
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