Feature TV report on Trump extortion for Saudi Arabia

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Trump extortion for Saudi Arabia"Qatar's Al-Jazeera television reported on Monday evening a dramatic report by Sudanese journalist Fawzi Bushra, in which he spoke about the continuation of US President Donald Trump "blackmailing Saudi Arabia."

Fawzi Bushra said that Trump is pursuing a policy of "pay better" with Saudi Arabia.

The report recalled Trump's activity in reality television and his interest in the mascots, saying that he "brought with him the logic of the wrestling, profit and loss track" after his inauguration as president of the United States.

Fawzi described Bushra Trump as "a great lover, a barber as well."

"They are his friends who paid generously, and he does not like the little money, and there is something about him in the Kabawi," he said.

The report presented the scenes of the status of Trump plate in the face of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman during the visit of the latter to Washington, and explain the amount of US benefit from Saudi Arabia in numbers.

"The picture of the stateman (bin Salman) is dwarfed by the appearance of a client," he said.

The report came after Trump's dramatic remarks in which Saudi Arabia warned it would not enjoy security without American protection and without paying more money to Washington.
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