Detection of the secret specifications of the aircraft " Russian strategy

"White Swan"
The Government Procurement Portal has revealed some of the characteristics of the Russian long-range strategic "Pak Da" engine.
The portal presented a tender setting out conditions to be met when manufacturing the future aircraft engine.
The conditions stipulated that aircraft engines would provide an uninterrupted 30-hour flight and that the engine of the aircraft would operate under conditions of temperature from minus 60 degrees to minus 50 degrees and withstand negative external pressures near zero.
The engine is supposed to be 12 years old and can be extended to 21 years.One of the most important requirements is that the aircraft engine's devices can withstand the impact of the destructive factors of a nuclear explosion.
The work on the design of the long-range "Pak Da" strategic aircraft began in Russia in 2013. The Russian Defense Ministry announced in the spring of 2017, the plane will make its first flight in 2025 or 2026, and expected to begin industrial production by 2029 .
Detecting the secret specifications of an aircraft

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