China accuses America of defaming and slandering them

الصين تتهم أمريكا بالتشهير بها والافتراء عليهاChinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying refuted remarks made by the US president and vice president on China's interference in the US election, calling it "baseless fabrications".
"The recent speech by US Vice President Mike Bens is full of unfounded criticism of China's foreign and domestic policy, and statements about China's interference in the US elections are a fabrication, fabricated and completely misleading, and China strongly protests against it," the spokeswoman said.
"China has always adhered to the principle of non-interference in the domestic politics of other countries and we have absolutely no interest in intervening in the US elections," said Hua Chunying. "The international community has clearly seen who (at every opportunity) Official in the internal affairs of other States and detrimental to the interests of other States ".
Diplomacy stressed that China's policy towards the United States is clear and unchanged. "We are committed to working together to achieve non-confrontational cooperation based on mutual respect," she said, urging Washington to "correct its mistakes, stop unfounded accusations against the People's Republic of China and stop spoiling bilateral relations."
US Vice President Mike Pence accused China on Thursday of using "debt diplomacy" to spread its influence. He also referred to US intelligence data, which indicated that Beijing intends to exploit any contradiction between federal and local authorities in the United States. And that "Russia's attempts to intervene" in American affairs seem small compared to what China is doing.
In the same vein, US President Donald Trump accused China on Thursday of seeking to interfere in congressional elections scheduled for November 6, saying that Beijing does not want the success of his Republican Party because of the president's position on trade.
"China is trying to interfere in our next election in November 2018. And stand against my administration," Trump said in a speech to the UN Security Council.
Washington plans to accuse Beijing of "hostile acts" against the public and private sectors in the United States, and to support the allegations of evidence, according to the site "Axius" sources in the White House.

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