A child in Egypt slaughters his colleague after trying to rape him and represents his body

Shook the tragic and shocking feelings of Egyptians a crime, its hero and the lives of two children, as they advanced, last Thursday, a child named Joseph Hamada Jibril in the fifth grade primary complaint department in the province of Dakahlia aesthetic Police Delta , Egypt 's family, he reported his disappearance and his absence from home. 

Immediately, the security services began searching for the child. Within 48 hours, the shocking surprise was revealed when the child was found slaughtered and his body dumped in a deserted area next to a rice racket. 
                                                                                           The Victim

A child in Egypt slaughters his colleague after trying to rape him and represents his bodyAfter the examination of the body, there was a cut in the neck, abdomen and scattered areas, and the forensic report revealed that the death took place two days before the discovery of the body, which means that it occurred on the same day the child disappeared. 

The security men were quick to search for any information leading them to the perpetrator, as well as tracking people with whom the child was on the day of the incident.

Within a few hours, the information flowed and the identity of the culprit was easily revealed, showing in a shocking surprise that he was a friend of the victim, a 16-year-old boy. 

Al-Arabiya Net revealed that the accused had taken the dead child to the abandoned area and tried to sexually assault him. After the victim was refused, the two men threatened to expose him and inform his family and family of what had happened, prompting him to kill him with a knife in his possession. 

The Interior Ministry in an official statement said that in coordination with the Criminal Investigation Department of the Directorate of Security of Dakahlia to uncover the ambiguity and identify the perpetrators of the discovery of the body of the child, Yusuf Hamada Jibril, resident of Al-Zohour district of the Jamaliiya police station in Dakahlia, lying behind the rice paddle in Bandar Al-Gamaliya, , And another ventricle.
She said a criminal investigation team had been set up to identify and apprehend the culprit named Abdul Rahman MA, a 16-year-old industrial secondary student and resident of Bandar al-Jamaliya, a friend of the dead child. 
                                                                                                          The culprit     
The ministry revealed that in confronting the culprit, he confessed that he took the victim by bike to the body of the body, and that there was an altercation between them. The accused crossed the victim with a knife, causing injuries to his life, adding that he explained the weapon used. On his blood-stained clothes. 

Another child, a 12-year-old middle school student, confirmed that he had seen the accused and the victim when they had gone to the body at night, and then saw the suspect on his return. 

Record No. 2579 amends Al-Gamaliyya for 2018, and the accused was referred to the Public Prosecutor's Office, who ordered his detention for 4 days pending investigation.

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