"321 Wonderful Information You Must Know".

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "321 Wonderful Information"There are many books that have brought together many amazing facts, such as the one that German journalist Matilda Masters finally succeeded in writing, and gave him the title "321 Wonderful Information You Must Know".
Perhaps the children and young people are the expected audience of this book provided by the artist Louise Perdius comic images, but this does not prevent this book to enter a lot of fun for adults also, including information on the example of the world of animal and plant world, the human body and sports and personalities Famous history, earth, science and language. 
According to the book presented by the German news agency "DB", a domestic cat can go faster than legendary sprinter Usain Bolt and that the insect of the European mare heard better after each time changed its skin, and that the length of the giraffe tongue can reach about half a meter .

According to the author of the book, the giant American gazelle feel the fly when it landed on his horns, although the size and size of his horns do not suggest that he possesses this ability. 
"Some species of sharks are hardened if they turn on their backs or if a person feels their snout (the area of ​​the mouth and nose), a phenomenon called muscle stiffness that lasts for about a quarter of an hour," said the book. 
One of the interesting information for the book is that «the blue whale devours in the winter 3.5 tons per day of sea crustaceans (krill), which is equivalent to the weight of three small cars or a truck». 
By reading the book, the reader knows that the number of bones in infants is higher than in adults and that human ears continue to grow throughout life and that a quarter of the human bones are in the foot. 
The reader also knows that all blue-eyed people are descended from one grandfather according to one study and that this ancestor lived 6,000 to 10,000 years ago in an area around the Black Sea.
The author states in her book that the first programming language for a woman is Ada Lovales (1815-1852). This woman wrote the programming language before the computer was originally invented, as the author of the book explained. 

Most of the popular stories were by chilling stories and most hurricanes bore the names of women. 
Among the information the book lists is that the weight of all the bacteria on the ground is greater than that of all mammals, and that some people eat books literally and that the most expensive coffee in the world is made from cat feces and that frankincense is made from oil. 
«321 wonderful information you must know», an interesting collection of information that stimulate the search and exploration of information in the folds of books, information surprising and surprise the reader and provide him with new enriching the discussion with his friends and friends.

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