What is Westland Storage

Power point PresentationWestland Storage is an amazing project that combines real estate investments with cryptocurrency, allowing any user to become a share holder of real estate and start earning profit! They also currently have a bounty program running that allows you to earn without investing! Complete tasks and get tokens, which generate daily profit for you! Currently, these include facebook tasks, twitter tasks and inviting friends.


Bounty is an opportunity for you to earn without investing. All you need to do is complete some simple tasks that you can find below. For each task you get a certain reward.
Complete the tasks, register them and wait for verification. After that you will receive your reward and start earning. Your activity is checked manually. It can take up to 48 hours.
The great bounty system –
  • Sign up
    10 WLS
  • Fill your profile
    10 WLS
  • Share via Facebook
    40 WLS
  • Share via Twitter
    40 WLS
  • Download Mobile app
    20 WLS
  • Mobile Share
    10 WLS
  • Video Review
    10-100 WLS
  • Invite  friends
    10 WLS
Next two more bounty system has been introduced lately by the team,

Blog Bounty – 50 WLS

Webinar Bounty – 50 WLS

Conference Bounty – 500 WLS

Contest $100,000 

You can win cash prizes by participating in the WestLand Storage contest, the prize fund of the contest is $100,000 and it is held in several social networks .You can take part in every social network to increase your chances of winning! To find out the terms of the contest, click on one of the links below.

--- Instagram contest rules
--- Youtube contest rules
--- Blog contest rules  

What is a WLS token?

WLS Token is a cryptocurrency. After ICO our company will release WLS Token to the major trading platform. And with its help, you can make profit right now.
Your WLS tokens generate real money daily. The larger the amount of WLS on your account, the more daily profit you receive.

Westland Storage

The company started in 2001 in Michigan. That is when Brandon and Brian Williams brothers leased their first space. And who could know that this would be the beginning of a long road that would lead them to the creation of an international company, WestLand Storage.
Then, the first profit was immediately directed to purchase more real estate. And so, within just a few years, the Williams brothers became owners of commercial real estate throughout the United States.
But this was only the beginning of the company's development. Since 2011, WLS has been buying up residential and commercial premises abroad, in South America, Europe and Asia. This was done not just so, but to move on to the next stage of the company's development, the technological revolution in the real estate world.
The company's specialists developed the DiceLand technology, which allows to minimize the investment threshold of entering the real estate market, and get rid of intermediaries and risks. To decentralize this technology, WestLand Storage will conduct an ICO, which will begin immediately after the preparatory stages.

Initially Best wishes for your business plan and here you go with some business ideas.

The undeniable fact is technology is improvising day by day because it saves time and money, so blending with the recent technology feature one can commence a business.
But the question is what kind of business can one choose which is highly profitable.

Do you get a 1% daily interest lifelong

This is for real, this website works!
The westlandstorage.com, Yes, I have invested little amounts of ETH into it, – and yes, I am getting 1% interest daily!
Also, I withdraw some from it for testing purpose to check whether it actually works or not, with a success I withdrew some of it.
 After few days when I can saw my balance and it was adding daily 1 %, I finally get convinced and added  more ETC, and I am planning to add more ..
After You make investment You will earn every day a 1% of income. 
You can invest through several cryptocurrencies and they are shown as on the picture.
After investment has being done You will see Your status on the dashboard and time when next income will be on Your account.

What are you waiting for? It's worth starting right now

Westland Storage


9.5 /10


8.0 /10


10.0 /10


9.0 /10


  • Become a share holder of real estate and start earning profit
  • They guarantee 100% investments return in any time
  • Clients are given the opportunity to invest in real estate with a low entry threshold of only $10
  • Start earning for free by doing facebook & twitter tasks for free tokens
  • The company claims to eliminate present risks in the real estate market, assuming all duties and responsibilities
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