OneCoin...OneCULT history!! Oct 11th

Since the “Big Reveal” in Bangkok 2 weeks ago, Chris DeRose (Bitcoin Uncensored), Ari Widell (Scam Detector), others, and myself (via CoinTelegraph) have published links to video and Shutterstock looped video stock footage of what the #KleptoQueen CLEARLY identifies as being their new “blockchain.”
HERE is the transcription of exactly what Ruja states while pointing to the stage, to what she CLEARLY STATES, INDEFINITELY as their blockchain:
So the block is supposed to mine one minute. … This first block is very special, guys. It is called the *Gu-ness-iss (sic) block. And all your doubled coins are mined right now! So this is probably the most important block we will mine ever.
And now it starts blinking! I think it’s done soon. I think we’re mining about two billion coins now.
….Now 3 seconds …Go! Go! Go! MINE! …. It’s a slow one, a lot of coins to be mined …….YES, WE DID IT! We mined 1 point 9-8-6 580,000 coins guys!
All of the Ultimate Packages and all of you now should have double coins. Congratulations! [applause…] A big applause also for the Sofia Team who made it happen. Thank you guys. Amazing. – Ruja Ignatova (AKA: the “Crypto Queen”)
The comedy level of such words for a “200+ IQ” “cryptocurrency expert” is priceless! Lol.
And now the crypto community and Reddit are having their way with this, as well as more and well respected community leaders in the space beginning to speak up directly against the scam!
It’s exciting to see BMLM (Oz) work and the communities work on exposing this scam begin to reach fever pitch!
Amazing to see Ruja and company absolutely grovel trying to spin each new revelation, as well as desperately introducing all new, ridiculous quadruple splits and possibly a new half a million Euro package (or whatever it may turn out to be), not even 10 days after “the most important and significant event in OneCULT history!”
I actually sent Orville Redenbacher a personal invite to the viewing party!!!

  1. looks like the national [training] event of the onecoin dream team UK, is going to be held on the 15th/16th oct inspite of the london police investigation.
    they claim around 1200 people will be in attendance.
    the venue is at:
    United Kingdom, London, The Brewery 52 Chiswell Street, London, EC1Y 4SD
    i have submitted a complaint about this onecoin event at which is the forum for complaints about online ponzi/pyramid investment fraud.
    ….the ‘one dream team’ [ ] in UK is very active in onecoin.
    on the 15th and 16th october, 2016 they are holding a recruitment event at:
    United Kingdom, London, The Brewery 52 Chiswell Street, London, EC1Y 4SD from 10.30 am onwards.
    around 1200 people are expected to attend this event and many will end up investing in this fraud….
    my complaint reference number is NFRC1610015819xx
    here’s hoping the event organizers will be just a little bit jittery now, considering that london police is already investigating onecoin.
    the onecoin leaders at this event are:
    Stephan Steinkeller, Jose Gordo, Edward Hartley, Moyn Islam, Monir Islam, Touhid Rahman
    i have included these^^ names in my complaint.
  2. going on a fortnight now since the bangkok event, and is still in ‘coming soon’ mode.
    there seems to be no information from onecoin about when affiliates will be able to encash their coins.
    meanwhile affiliates are offering this explanation for the exchange being down:
    FB, 8 hrs ago:
    Trading platform will be open till wednesday, believe you me! isn’t property of One Coin, they synhronize with after 01.10.
    Ask yours mentors!
    it seems uplines are feeding bull to newer investors that xcoinx is not owned by onecoin.
    so, ruja can mine 2 billion coins onstage in a minute just by yelling ‘GO GO GO!!’, but cant get her private exchange working even 11 days after the event?
  3. Come on now be fair. The internal exchange is a bit more complicated than an Excel spreadsheet script.
  4. Oz: Come on now be fair
    so, i tried being fair but i’m up against this:
    a peek behind the scenes on how ‘easy’ it is to ‘trade’ the cryptocurrency which has beaten bitcoin.
    conversation on the official FB page of onelife from a few hours ago:
    -Some courtesy needs to be shown by at least updating about the extent and thus the expectations for normalization of the current maintenance.
    -hello good afternoon, someone knows you know when the exchange platform back to work?
    -its mentioned in the website exchange will be functioning on Wednesday
    -whats going on?? my friends cant sale it too!!! my friend buy tycoon package and exchange SUCKS!!
    -Anyone else having difficulty logging in today?
    -yes, I cant even see visual verification code.
    the website of xcoinx has no message indicating that the exchange will be functional from wednesday.
  5. The latest newsletter from Onecoin refers to the internal exchange as “the internal practice trading platform”.
    This goes along with Kari Wahlroos in the latest Tampere event stating that the internal exchange is only “a training platform” and muttering something about it having a lot of glitches.
    Onecoin has been operating two years already and claims to run a multi billion dollar business and being the fastest growing company in the world.
    They claim to run a blockchain that’s capable to even more transactions than all the credit card processors in the world. Yet they still have no transactions going on.
    After two years they have only managed to have a shitty internal market place with absurd limits for selling coins. M.A.B. has been out there over a week and no market places to spend those 2 billion coins onecoiners have.
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