Top Local SEO Tips for Large Businesses

Local SEO Tips for the Restaurant Industry image food mapAccording to broad definition, local search engine optimization (SEO) involves any practice, which aims to enhance traffic quality and quantity obtained through geographic search queries.
“Geographic search queries” – now, what exactly does that mean?
In simple terms, it means that the users include their keywords with locations. Assuming that you are offering baby products in London, taking on local SEO techniques can help your site rank in search engine result pages (SERPs) whenever potential customers use search terms like “baby products in London” or “London baby products”.
It further indicates that you can target those consumers who are specifically shopping around within your niche and direct them to your company. And if you are able to convert these prospects to buyers, you can boost your sales and revenues.
So, which strategies allow you to promote directly to your audience?
If you wish to make the most of your online marketing methods, take note of the following:
Essential Local SEO Techniques
For starters, let us have a look into the basic course of your campaign.
1. Carry out keyword research
Using the Keyword Research Tool of Google AdWords, you need to weigh the “exact” key terms against the “broad” ones.
2. Study search results
You must also assess the appearance of map and standard results and then, take note of their differences. By doing this, you will know which type to pursue and what strategies will work.
3. Estimate keyword competition
As you are exploring search result sets, check out which key phrases your competitors are using. Then, find out which of the used terms produce more information and reviews.
4. Choose ideal keywords
With the help of Google AdWords again, you have to determine which relevant words are not too competitive yet are still capable in bringing you significant traffic. To help you in this area, consider the following aspects:
  • High volume of searches
  • Low competition
  • Generate large percentage of visitors
This tip is suitable if you are new in the industry. As you are more familiar with your niche, you can use more challenging and competitive key phrases.
5. Plan website and content layout
While doing this, you also have to find out which relevant words are suitable for old and new webpages. At the same time, you must create content with the following elements: fresh, interesting, unique, and informative.
6. Sign up on Google Places
If you are not familiar with it, you can check out Google Support for complete instructions on getting listed on its platform.
7. Provide precise and similar data to all listing sources
Other than Google Places, you can register on other general and niche-specific business directory sites. And, while doing so, do not forget to give complete and in-depth information about your company. Additionally, select the right listing category.
8. Link to your official website and social profiles
Social media is not just for personal use these days as plenty of businesses are enhancing their online presence through it. If you want to have an edge against your competitors and minimize the risk of losing to them, create profile and fan pages on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other leading network sites. You can even sign up on YouTube, so you can promote through video ads.
When you apply these strategies, you can have a great start on your local marketing campaign. What is more, you won’t have a hard time reaching out to your target customers.
With that said, here is one final tip:
As you are building your strategies, do not forget fundamental Google tools such as AdWords, MapMaker, and Geo Drill-Down. You can also use citation and verification applications from other sites.
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