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Whether you blog about business, politics or the hot topic of the moment, SEO Blogger allows you to find the most sought-after keywords for your subject without ever leaving your blog editing screen.
The tool sits alongside whatever blog publishing software you're using so you can do keyword research and optimize your posts as you write. Then, simply hit "Publish" – and you're done!

SEO Blogger

SEO blogger and blogging guides

SEO Blogger is just one of Wordtracker's keyword research tools It helps you to search for keywords, and see how popular they are, as you write your blog post. It then tracks how often you use those keywords as a raw number and a percentage, helping you write fully optimized blog posts from your Firefox browser.
Read more about how to use SEO blogger to get your SEO done in 5 minutes! For more ideas on blogging you can read these popular blogging articles:

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You can use SEO as a way to promote your website and should always bear your SEO strategy in mind while blogging.

How to write great content

Good content can help you attract inbound links, which boost your search engine rank and attract visits. Great web content will have your customers singing your praises.

The Wordtracker Academy

We provide you with the most relevant and up-to-date information on succeeding online. Our marketing Academy covers most areas of online marketing including;
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