Google Adsense Alternatives

No doubt, Google Adsense is the main source of income for lots of content rich websites and blogs. When we talk about how to make money online from a website, the first thing that comes to our mine is monetizing it through Google Adsense. But there can be situations when we need to look at Google Adsense Alternatives. Here are some situations when we want to try some Google Adsense alternatives:
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  • Your publisher account with Google Adsense is not accepted for some reason
  • Your account is disabled for reasons that are beyond your control
  • You are not happy with Google Adsense earnings and no more interested in using Google Adsense
  • You want to try some other monetization methods with Google Adsense on your website and blog
  • Minimum Payout and mode of payment
List of Google Adsense AlternativesThe real problem with lots of Google Adsense alternatives is that they are no way near Google Adsense when we compare our earnings potential with them. There are some money-making programs, but they are good for high traffic websites. I have compiled a list of best 10 alternatives to Google Adsense that are ideal for small as well large websites and can be used in combination with Google Adsense to earn lots of extra money from our blogs and websites.

Google Adsense Alternatives

Here is the list of 12 Google Adsense Alternatives to help us make more money from our blogs and websites:

1. BuySellAds

BuySellAds is the best alternative to Google Adsense if I consider the earning potential we have with them. Buy Sell Ads is the marketplace for buying and selling ad space on websites and blogs. BuySellAds does not accept low traffic websites into their network. Working as a publisher with them, you need to create ads inventory into your account and once you get a banner advertising initiation, you need to accept or reject. BuySellAds has been giving away 75% of total earning to its publishers. You can transfer your earnings twice in month into your Paypal account and there is no minimum payout type in case of Paypal transfer. Click here to start making money online with Buy Sell Ads Network.

2. can be considered as a good alternative to Google Adsense, which allows us to make money by selling banner advertisements on our blog. You can set some fixed monthly price for each banner unit on your blog. used to keep 25% percent of earnings, which is very low, compare to lots of other advertising programs. Even Google Adsense gives just 68% percent of earnings to the publishers and keeps the rest of money in its pocket. Click here to know more in detail about making money online selling banner ads with website.

3. AdvertiseSpace Network

AdvertiseSpace is a good alternative to BuySellAds where we can make extra money by selling banner ad space on our blogs. Like BuySellAds, we need to create ad zones like were we are interested in selling various banner ads on our blogs into our Advertising Space network. Advertising Space gives its publishers the facility get payments directly into their Paypal account directly and $25 is the minimum payout in case of Paypal. Click here to start selling banner ads with Advertise Space network.

4. Through Direct Advertising

Direct advertising can be really effective way to earn lots of extra income from your blog. For getting direct advertisers, you need to create an advertising page on your blog. You should share website traffic details, advertising options with prices and mode of payment on advertising page. You can make money selling text ads, banners ads and paid reviews etc on your blog.

5. Paid Review Websites

You can make some extra money from your blog by writing paid reviews on your blog. Mostly paid review websites accept websites and blogs with decent popularity, traffic and page rank into their marketplace. Some popular paid review websites you can try are Sponsored Reviews, Review Me, LinkWorth and Blogsvertise. You can charge any money from $10 to $1000 for single paid review on your blog depending upon your blog popularity. Mostly pad review websites pays to its publishers directly into their Paypal accounts every month.

6. Text Link Ads Network

I had great success selling text links on my blog though Text Link Ads (TLA) network. I had so far made $7700 plus selling text link ads on my blogs. You need to have a high PR blog to start making money while selling text ads with TLA network. Click here to start making money selling text link ads on your blog though TLA network.

7. Chitika

Chitika is very similar to Google Adsense where we are paid on CPC basis. Chitika only shows relevant ads matching our website content and we can customize their ads as per our choice to get maximum clicks on their ads while working as a publisher with them. You can safely run Chitika ads along with Google Adsense ads on your website. They make payments though Paypal and Check. Minimum payout in case of Paypal is $10 and for Check payment, minimum payout is $50. They have an active affiliate program that publishers can use to earn some extra income while referring new members to their network. Click here to know more in details about Chitika online advertising network.

8. InfoLinks

Infolinks is a popular in-line text-advertising network best suited to high traffic websites. Infolinks shows ads that are matching with your website content. Infolinks converts certain keywords from our website content into advertising links and we are paid for each click made on those ads. So it means more clicks and earnings for you from Infolinks ads. They have kept a revenue share of 70 percent for its publishers, which is quite good. They make payments through Paypal, Check, Bank Transfer, ACH etc. Lots of big content websites and blogs like Squidoo, Britannica, John Chow etc have implemented Infolinks ads into their content to earn extra income from their websites and blogs. Click here to know more in detail about Infolinks in-text advertising.

9. Kontera

Kontera is another in-text advertising network like Infolinks. While Infolinks only allows high traffic websites and blogs into its network, Kontera used to accept high as well as low traffic websites into its network. Kontera is asking publishers to join them for getting best payouts in the business, premium ads with market leading CPC, record high CTR’s, best relevancy and user experience, works within your text and takes only a minute to configure. Click here to know in details about Kontera in-text advertising.

10. Adbrite

Adbrite is considered as one of closest alternatives to Google Adsense when you don’t have an Adsense account and aiming at making money from your blog while showcasing pay per click ads on your blog and website. Adbrite also offers inline page links facility to its publishers to help them with making extra income on their website overall traffic. Terms and conditions at Adbrite are not that much stick which you used to see with Google Analytics. So you will get accepted into Adbrite network as a publisher even if you have a blog or website with small traffic numbers. Adbrite is keeping a high revenue share of 75 for its publishers, which is quite high when we compare it with other pay per click advertising networks. Click here to start making money from your website while showing Adbrite ads on your website.

11. Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser is another good alternative to Google Adsense in Pay Per Click category like Adbrite. Apart from getting paid for each Bidvertiser ad on our websites, we will be paid extra money for every conversion through our ads. Bidvertiser send payments to its publishers via Check, Wire and Paypal. You can get money transferred into your paypal account instantly once you have reached the minimum payout of $10. Bidvertiser makes sure that only ads with highest bids will be shown on our websites and blogs. Click here to know in detail about how to make money showing Bidvertiser PPC ads on our websites while working as Publisher with them.

12. Clicksor

Clicksor is another in-text advertising network like InfoLinks. They send payments every 15 days with a minimum payout of $50 only. They send payments to its publishers via Paypal, Check and Wire Transfer to eligible publishers. Publishers are able to earn up to 85 percent of total ad income with Clicksor advertising network. Working as a publisher, you will earn 10% of every advertiser or publisher you refer to Clicksor network. Click here to know in detail about how to make money through Clicksor advertising on your website.

Question About Google Adsense Alternatives

I would like to know which networks you are using to make money online from your websites and blogs and also share your thoughts about the Google Adsense Alternatives, which are shared in this post above in the comments section.
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