Pro-Assad's troops shelled rebel positions in Damascus

Release - Saturday, July 21, 2012 -12:56
BAB AL Hawa / AMMAN (Reuters) - The Syrian government forces bombed the rebel pockets in Damascus during the night from Friday to
Saturday, in an attempt to retake the positions taken by the insurgents in the wake of the bombing Wednesday that killed four officials of the regime.
Syrian Observatory of Human Rights (OSDH), opposition group based in Britain, found that the clashes had 240 dead Friday, including 43 soldiers.
According to the OSDH, the violence is 550 dead these last 48 hours, which is both the bloodiest days since the beginning of the uprising against the Baathist regime in mid-March 2011.
"The plan was to drift past three days. But the aerial bombardment and ground in Damascus and its suburbs shows that it has lost none of his strike force and that it contains," he told an opposition activist Moaz al Djahhar, located in Damascus.
Of army helicopters and tanks have used a machine gun, rockets and mortar shells on the pockets of rebel resistance, who have infiltrated Damascus this week for the operation called "volcano of Damascus".
The insurgents have moved them off and attacked dams and facilities required by the security forces.
The downtown seemed calm around 0400 GMT Saturday, residents said.
A Damascene said he saw three tanks on a main road south of the capital, taking over parts of west of Damascus.
"The road was closed and soldiers fired mortar shells near the tanks," he said.
A local resident of Mezzeh (west) told they saw helicopters firing in the vicinity, while the rebels were trying in vain to replicate with automatic weapons.
A Barzeh, northeast of Damascus, mortar shells hit the building shortly before midnight, according to a local resident.
Snipers were pro-Assad at al Ouaourar Ouch, an Alawite enclave overlooking Barzeh, killing a woman during the day. There would be exchanges of fire between the two districts, the source said.
Restrictions imposed by authorities on journalists make it difficult to verify the information relayed by the opposition or power.
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