Widget to Put Comment Box Under Posting

Sometimes ago I have posted an articel about "How to Create Commnet Box Under Posting" it use haloscan comment box. It working well for some bloger and bad for some bloger too. If you failed or dislike using haloscan comment box, may be this will be alternatifvfor you. This comment box is created by intensedebate.com, this comment box can be use as a widget, and to apply this widget is very simple, and to remove this is more simple it just like when you remove Page Element from your blog. Ok, if you interest to try this widget I’ll show you how to put it.

1. Login to Blogger.com the chose "Layout --> Edit HTML", click on the link "Download Full Template" to backup your template first

2. Then go to intensedebate.com site sgn up, the login and go to "dashboard"

3. On the up right you will see "add blog" button, click the button

4. Then you will see a box to insert your blog url, fill it then press the button .

5. Then you will see a page like this:


6. For easy, chose"Widget (Recomended)".

7. There are some choice on the "Replace Comment System". Chose "On post without comments" if you want the comment box show under no comment articel (your previouse comment still exist). If you want the comment box exist on every posting chose "On all blog post" (You will lose your previouse comments, but it can be restored).

8. The click "Complete Installation" button.

9. You will see the page like this :


10. Chose your blog then click "ADD WIDGET" button.

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